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Banned for elevator
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Joined: 24th Jan 2018
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24th Jan 2018

Hello dear friends. I've been playing on both of uR s&d servers for a month now and I can easily say they're my favorite servers. I love the default style of promod unlike most of the other servers which are heavily modded and with shit skins  However I have been banned on your s&d #1 server, but it wasn't for cheating. There was this guy who kept telling me not to elevate but I didn't bother much and I kept doing elevator until I got permanently banned (which in my opinion is exaggerated, you could at least have temp-banned me and I would've learnt the lesson lol). But yeah obviously I apologize for not listening to the guy who told me not to elevate and I would very much appreciate it if you could unban me  I won't do elevators anymore and I'm gladly available to prove in any way that I don't cheat whatsoever. (demos, private matches, screenshots, etc) 
When I was banned I was using the nickname "aim_fov 999" but I don't know who banned me. Please consider this, I'm looking forward to hearing from u guys
Joined: 9th Jun 2016
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27th Jan 2018

I've unbanned you Bro, but keep in mind that elevators are not allowed on our servers

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Forum » Forums » Cheaters
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