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I've got banned?
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Joined: 18th May 2017
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18th May 2017

hey guys,

some minutes ago i've played on your S&D server. maybe some of u know me.
Now after some months successful gaming on your server i've got banned.
I'm not sure who it was, but i think it have been dis guy named 'OUIC'.
I know that many people think im hacking but what should i do when im playing this game since years?
play like a newbie? that's definitely not an option.

If you guys want to make a challenge where i play against each of your members (or something similar)
and u can spectate me as long as you want to see what u want to see (maybe some hacks and aimbots [or not] )
just write under this thread :*

so at first i want to see the 'prove' that i'm hacking (i like to see my skill :3 )

best greetings from germany
Joined: 9th Jun 2016
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20th May 2017

Hi depSol,

I've banned you because I've spectated you one time and you was clearly using a wallhack.
I don't want any cheaters on our servers.
I temporarily unban you for a test, but I'll keep an eye on you. If you still use any hack on our servers, I'll ban you definitively.
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Joined: 18th May 2017
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21st May 2017


its beautiful that u're convinced from that but your conviction makes u blind...

There're still people who play much longer than u do and are much better than u are, accept it and try to learn from them, instead rid them by banning. It's just sad...

have as much eyes on me as u can/want, i didn't/don't and will not hack.

have a nice day boi

Joined: 5th Jan 2017
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21st May 2017

depSol you can maybe just say "Thanks for unban" and stop use a wallhack then enjoy.
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