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LAN COD4 01/07/2017 - Warpomega - Croatie
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21st Apr 2017


DATE: 1st & 2nd of July 2017
LOCATION: Karlovac, Croatia, Trg Josipa Broza 4
TYPE: TUP ( Bring your own Headset, mouse, keyboard and mousepad. )
ENTRY FEE: 200€ per team, can be paid half in advance and half on the event
LAN CREW: djov1, ptica, Lox
BOOTCAMP: It's gonna be possible one day before lan. And the price will be 15€ for 1 hour (per team).
Conditions on lan will be excelent beacuse venue have 10 air conditioners
Videostore has their own coffe bar (or coffe shop dunno how u call it), and it has a view to whole city from the top of the building, prices for beers (0.5 l) are around 2 euros, coffe is like 1 euro, ciggarets are around 2.5 euros. Food are cheap like every other stuff u compare to belgium.

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